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Family Dynamics













• Goal: Youth will exhibit the positive interaction strategies learned in the program at home.
• Project B.U.I.L.D’s mentoring and positive reinforcement philosophy lends itself to a safe and secure environment where each youth can grow to their full potential, and use the skills learned in the program at home.  This is achieved through a family atmosphere, continuous praise and positive reinforcement through bonding, and increased family communication and support. When a youth is bonded to a staff member and to other youth in the program, becomes part of a family and learns to work out differences in a positive manner, which reduces the risk of youth-on-youth incidents both in and out of the program. Project B.U.I.L.D. works to increase connections to support systems in the family, community as the youth achieves his personal goals. This is a great motivator to do well, follow rules and move through the program, becoming a senior youth mentor to others who are just starting out.



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