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Carpentry Program - Goals and Needs

The transition to adulthood is a significant and challenging stage of life for all of us, but for youth aging out of foster care on their own, it can be overwhelming. They most often face this transition without the support of a stable, loving family.  At the same time, they lose access to services and support offered through the foster care system. Not surprisingly, these youth and young adults are more likely to experience behavioral, mental, and physical health issues, housing problems and homelessness, employment and academic difficulties, early parenthood, incarceration and other potentially life­long adversities. 

Project BUILD’s Carpentry Program, which is a nationally accredited program curriculum, NCCER (National Center for Construction Education & Research), gives these young adults the opportunity to face the adult world with confidence and with a certification in a trade which can propel their lives into a story of success. Our goal for the carpentry program is to provide the training, knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to complete the course, receive the CORE (introduction to basic construction skills) and then Carpentry Level 1 certification. The course will take 6-9 months to complete.

To achieve these goals for the program and youth, extra resources and funds are needed. Project BUILD SWFL is a non-profit organization and although they have acquired the staff and basic start-up equipment for the program, there is still much more that is needed for the youth.

Currently Project BUILD has an office unit set up as a training facility for instruction and course projects. A “NCCER Core Toolbox” which contains all of the equipment needed to complete each module of Core was purchased and set up in the facility. In total, the kit includes more than 40 tools and over 15 types of gear!

Project BUILD has partnered with local construction companies/vendors who are willing to mentor and provide employment opportunities to the students once they have successfully completed the carpentry program and have received their certification! Special thanks to the following for providing the youth with this opportunity. 

BWG, LLC -Construction Division

West Construction, LLC      


The final step in achieving Project BUILD’s carpentry program goal is to have 10-12 youth enroll and complete the NCCER carpentry course within the next year! To accomplish this, it will cost approximately $6,200 per student. This amount will cover the cost for the below:

  • Toolbox & belt with basic constructions tools, and steel toed boots.

  • (To be used during course and then student will keep with them to start their carpentry journey)

  • Uniforms

  • Course workbooks and access cards to eBooks

  • Laptops

  • Student Incentives

  • Transportation

  • Program insurance costs

  • Basic overhead for training facility

  • Yearly program licensing fee

  • Final certification fee (per student/per test cost)


Project BUILD SWFL would greatly appreciate any help you are able to provide the program with! It is because of community members like you that we are able to show the youth in our community that with opportunity, success is attainable with dedication and hard work.

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